Our Team

Ashley Wolfe is Wolfe Education Consulting's founder and Executive Director.  A graduate of UC Berkeley, Ashley's passion for education has continued into her career.  She has held roles in the education field such as an academic advisor, the assistant director of a prestigious test prep agency, a supervisor for a special education program within a school district, and an educational advocate over the past fifteen years.  Ashley's favorite part of WEC is college counseling.  "Watching students receive their admissions letters from universities around the world while knowing how much work they put into it puts a smile on my face like nothing else.  I get to see them embrace education as they go off to college, and I hope that, in some small way,I helped develop their love for learning."  

Patrick Reilly is Wolfe Education Consulting's Associate Director and premier science and math instructor.  A professional engineer, Patrick spends his days in the lab, however his true love is teaching.  "I fell in love with science in high school because I had teachers that loved science and went beyond the textbook to show us that everything around us can be explained scientifically.  I hope I can pass on this love for learning to help students achieve their goals."  Patrick is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Chemical Engineering and graduated with his Master's in Engineering Management and Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.  Patrick has worked as a private tutor and small group instructor in mathematics and sciences for the past fifteen years.

In addition, Wolfe Education Consulting works with Educational Consultants from different backgrounds in order to have tutors to work with students in a variety of subjects.