Our Philosophy

Wolfe Education Consulting (WEC)  believes in serving every child, every family, with respect, kindness, and empathy.   It is our goal to equip students and their families with the necessary tools to meet success.  As success is defined differently for everyone, WEC believes in creating individualized plans to address the specific needs of students, building upon their strengths and positive attributes, in order to meet them where they are as we help them work toward where they would like to be.  WEC further emphasizes the important role that the value of learning plays in every facet of the work we do.  

Wolfe Education Consulting believes in hiring tutors who are educators, in the true sense of the word, teaching children and families how to meet their goals.  Our consultants are teachers who believe in a commitment to the highest quality of care and education possible for both children and their families. They provide this by using the most appropriate models of learning for each student and regularly reviewing and revamping our plans for each student.