SAT & ACT Instruction

Wolfe Education Consulting's test preparation programs include an element that most SAT/ACT/AP test preparation programs do not... 

Our programs are one-hundred percent individualized for each of our students.

From the instructor assigned to the student to the books we select to use, our SAT/ACT programs allow for maximum learning because we tailor them to fit the student, not the other way around.  Generally, each student studying for the SAT will have one WEC instructor for mathematics and a different WEC instructor for English critical reading and writing.  Instructors are assigned similarly for ACT preparation programs.

In addition, during the complimentary consultation prior to beginning a test prep program, our consultants will outline and map out when tests should be taken throughout the student's high school career in order to afford them maximum time for studying and preparation.

For additional information or discuss your student's individualized test prep goals, please email: